Love This Quote ….

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”  Robert Fritz

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it’s baaaaaack

We have finally run another batch of our Vanilla Bean Lotion   [ insert *clicking heels* here]   …  just in time for Valentines Day 😉

Buh Bye winter skin!

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DIY at home Facial Mask



“Banana / Cucumber and Oatmeal facial mask – for dry winter skin”


Make a paste by mixing  ½ small cucumber ( shred or cut into very small pieces), one small banana   ( remove flesh and mash) and ½ cup of oatmeal.   Mix all ingredients into a past-like consistency and then add  one tsp of  plain yogurt and leave for 30 minutes.

 Skin will drink in this goodness and feel soft and supple for the remainder of the day

….. pssst, don’t forget to chug a sh*t load of water too:)



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What does giving give to you?


I ask this question because I wonder what the holidays bring to your life.  You can argue that this time of year is all about what you give to your friends and fam (and a whole lot of rum-spiked eggnog filled parties).  This is true.  But, my question has me looking a bit more inward about what the simple act of giving to others can do for you (in a non money related, joy inspiring kind of way).

I read this book “29 Gifts in 29 Days” about a woman’s struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.  At the lowest point in her life she was struggling with horribly debilitating side effects (pain, cognitive impairment, loss of motor skills, depression) and was faced with the prospect of becoming a vegetable for the rest of her life. 

So a close friend (who happened to also be an African medicine woman) gave her a simple prescription – “give away 29 gifts in 29 days” (radical, huh?)  In the process of doing this, her mind would be able to break out of the negative thought patterns that had become her daily routine. 

And so she began.  What started out timidly ended up bringing her a well of positivity that helped her mind focus on the beauty of making others happy.  Today she has completely turned around her physical condition and championed the gift of giving as a way to help others just as much as herself.

This idea has somehow taken hold of me.  Christmas is approaching slowly (or way too fast depending on how you look at it) and that seems like a perfect opportunity to try it out.  It may not be the whole 29 days but it is worthwhile.  Big or small I want to give gifts that are homemade, well-intentioned or just from the heart (and awesome!).  I’d like to see what I get out of that, because somehow I’m sure that it’ll be more than just the kick I get from seeing that lit-up look on someone’s face.  (I’ll report back too!)

Let’s hear your story about a gift you gave that made you feel a certain way 🙂

(And let’s not forget that Lovefresh just so happens to be a great gift that is good for the body, made from whole, natural ingredients and makes you happy with one whiff 🙂

Also, if you want to check it out here’s the link to the “29 Gifts in 29 Days” website >>

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The line is always shorter in the next lane…


People watching is the undercover art of being highly observant, incognito.  Often, I’ll park myself on a mall bench somewhere just so I can see what people are up to, what they think is new and hot, and shamelessly eavesdrop on their lives.  Don’t act like you’ve never done it before! (If you haven’t tried it before, take 5 minutes the next time you’re out n’ about and check into the hubbub)

In such moments, I find it incredibly entertaining to watch two groups of people – men and women shoppers.  The differences between the sexes are at once hilarious and scary!

As a woman, I am faced with the daunting prospect of worrying about buying thoughtful, sentimental gifts for my entire family (there’s a lot of us).  In these anxious moments, I wish I could cash in my worries for the focus of a man.  Maybe that sounds sexist, but it’s true! 

I watched a gentleman the other day make his way around a store in 20 minutes.  He picked up 20 items (that’s 1 item a minute!) and made his purchase.  He left the store but not before he could exclaim “thank god that’s done! And to all a good night!”… (Ok that last part was my people watching ad lib for the day)

I saw another guy, walk into a store, go straight for what he wanted, without looking hither or thither (with selection abounding!) and walk right out with his bag in under 3 minutes – with a great promotion under his belt to boot!  Now that’s gotta be some kind of record!  Women on the other hand, spend half their time comparing prices, and the other half of their time asking everyone’s opinion. 

I can’t say one is truly better than the other, but this year I would bet my weight in gold that you’d be far more filled with holiday cheer if you simply did some people watching of your own, so you could see for yourself what the other side is bringing to the table.  Let’s all make the effort to be less worried and a little easier on our fellow shoppers, with a chilled out plan in tow.  And if all else fails, there’s always the internet. baby 😉

(We’re offering free shipping on purchases $50+ until December 22nd, 2011!!)






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from us, to you …

So I wanted to let you in on a little secret…


Over at we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on online purchases of $50 or more until December 22nd!!

Ok, let me tell you why it’s so freakin’ phenomenal.

Here at Lovefresh, we really love you guys and we understand how much stress goes into the end of the year.  We feel all of that same anxiety that you feel when you’re stuck trying to find the perfect gift for that really hard to shop for person on your list.  It goes without saying that everyone on your list is hard to buy for, but then you have those people… you know the ones.  The people who have everything, who are too practical to want anything, or who are just so damn picky it makes you want to pull out your hair and run away in terror!

Hair pulling terror aside, here’s what matters – we want to help!  Free shipping + no muss, no fuss online shopping = the perfect holiday gift for that picky-practical-has everything person that you love.

And trust me.  You will definitely be able to find something perfect because we offer classy, beautiful and natural gifts that smell fantastic.  Even for men too (no worries!)

So here’s to you feeling cool as a cucumber as the holiday good times start to roll!

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A question of scents

An associated benefit to helping people meet their body care needs has always been learning about different smells.  What smells good, what smells bad and what turns your stomach in the ”I’m-gonna-throw-up-on-my-shoes” kinda way. (Those mixes definitely didn’t make it into the Lovefresh bunch…)

This has always led me to believe that there is way more to scents than just the yummy factor, so I delved into it a bit and here’s what I found. 

All of us go through life building a huge repertoire of memories.  These memories can calm, motivate, or energize us and in times of crisis serve as judgement calls – “does this smell like its gone bad??”

Now what can the trigger be for all of this?  Well as is scientifically accepted, it’s the nose (and more localized the nose hairs – so not cool to talk about nose hairs, but alas…).  Our noses (even if you have the worst sense of smell in the world), detect hundreds of smells a day using the olfactory bulb and are closely related to the amygdala which processes emotions.  (A large job I might add.)  In this way we associate everything to smell. 

For example, and this is also a handy tip, if you really need to memorize something – say for an exam or a meeting- do so while you smell something particularly appealing (think bright citrus scents which coincidentally also aid in mental stimulation) and later on when you smell that scent you will find it easier to recall the information.

So here’s the scenario.  If you and I sat down, and I brought out a tub of peanut butter, there could be a world of difference between our two responses.  You might be reminded of how you hated peanut butter your whole life because someone had played a cruel joke on you involving smearing some on your chair in the 5th grade, whereas I might just be happily sitting there remembering my mama’s warm peanut butter cookies.  Or if you (in revenge) brought out a tub of KFC chicken, I would be forced to leave the table because I would be salivating profusely while remembering the days of eating without recourse (those days are long gone.)

So I pose to you: scent memory – fun, friend, or foe?

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